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computer security

Once the world of IT experts, computer security has become a concern and issue for all business people. There has been several high profile security breaches like those at eBay, Target, and US bank. Cybercrime is now a big and lucrative business and cybercriminals are finding ways to steal sensitive information like personal details, credit card information, financial details, or other types of data that they could trade or sell. These criminals have become increasingly sophisticated and use different ways to attack computer networks of various companies.

Among the main weapons they use is the computer virus. Although email has been the primary method used to spread computer viruses, it is not the only way. A computer virus could get into a network using a USB device, or by downloading something from the internet, visiting a compromised website, file transfer and sharing programs, messaging through various social media platforms, or connecting to the corporate network using an infected system. When a computer gets access into the network, it could easily spread from one computer to another using different ways.

With the many different ways a computer virus can spread, there are methods to help you make sure that your network is protected and boost your computer security Columbia SC.

Install An Anti-Virus Software

Install a reputable anti-virus software on all of your computers, including all laptops, PCs, and servers. In case your employees use computers at home, or if they access the network remotely, these PCs must have an anti-virus software, as well.

Update the Anti-Virus Software

New computer viruses are released every day and it is important for business to be protected from them by making sure that the anti-virus installed on their system is up to date. Companies must check the policies whereby the computer with no updated anti-virus installed must not be blocked from connecting to the internet.

Use A Firewall

A firewall must be set up on every computer in your network. A computer virus can get access to your network through other means aside from email and that is why it is crucial to block any unwanted traffic. For those that use computers at home, which is away from the company network’s protection, a personal firewall should be installed to make sure that the computer is protected.

All Email Traffic Should Be Filtered

All outgoing and incoming email must be filtered for computer viruses. This filter must be at the network’s perimeter so computer viruses could be stopped. Emails with attachments like .exe, .com, as well as .scr are commonly used by computer viruses. So, all these must be filtered and prevented from entering the network.

Educate Your Employees

Make sure that your employees know that they must never open attachments or click on links in an email that they’re not expecting. Even if the email is from a familiar source, they must always exercise caution when opening their attachments and clicking on links.

Internet Downloads Must Be Scanned

Make sure that all files that are downloaded from the internet are scanned for possible computer virus before they are used. Scanning must be done on the network’s central point to guarantee proper scanning.

Don’t Run Unknown Programs

Always use a trusted and reputable source for your software requirements to make sure that all the software installed could be accounted for and comes from a legitimate source. Aside from making sure the appropriate licensing agreements are set in place, using a reliable supplier could help lower the risk of having a software that’s infected by a virus, which would compromise your business.

Backup Critical Data Regularly

Make sure that regular copies of essential files are kept on a removable media or server to make sure that you have reliable source of all your data in case your network has been infected. Backups will also allow your company to restore systems to software that’s known to be without any virus infection.

Create An Information Security Policy

Create and publish an information security policy to make sure that the information security gets the profile it needs in the company. It is also the first essential step in securing the data and systems of the company.

Create An Incident Response Plan

Knowing what should be done when a computer virus gets into the network or when you face a security breach is important in minimizing the damage that they may cause to your suppliers, clients, and your business in general.

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