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network securityIt’s not easy to live in the age of information and modern technology. Your sensitive and critical data is susceptible to cyberattacks and it may even get corrupted or stolen. A lot of small businesses as well as middle market organizations have become victims of external attacks and because of that, resulted to lost data. Loss of important information can harm the company and destroy your business’ reputation, especially if you failed to set up preventive measures against cyberattacks.

Just like all the physical assets of a company are crucial, in the same manner, the digital assets are important too. So, here are seven tips to boost the network security of your business. Keep in mind that prevention is so much better than cure.

Make A Strong Security Policy

You may protect the network of your company by setting up a foolproof, strong, as well as a security policy that is clear. A policy is comprised of written regulations involving the rights of users in terms of accessing a network as well as what limitations and privileges different employees have. The policy will outline essential data and creates an emergency plan, too.

Don’t Use Weak Passwords

This is included in the core guidelines of network security Fayetteville NC. It is a fact that a complex and strong password is crucial. In case you are using an easy to remember and weak passwords, you can just say goodbye to the digital assets and information of your company. So, you should enforce the need for complicated passwords, which should be made of lengthy and different characters, and have them changed every 90 days so that the complexity will continue.

Update Your Software

A bugged or broken software is one of the easiest methods that potential hackers use to get access to your data. Therefore, updating software such as the operating system, antivirus, drivers, firmware, can help prevent cyberattackers from launching an attack on your network system. Aside from that, the security settings on your software must match with the policy of your network security.

Set Up A Firewall

A firewall is a specific device that can prevent unauthorized access to your company systems and it also filters out any unwanted intruders from getting access to your data. Likewise, it also helps in block any malicious program from getting into your system such as Trojan horses, viruses, malware, keyloggers, and etc. You should install a hardware and software based firewalls too so that risks of hackers who are trying to access your network are minimized. So, be sure to update your firewall regularly.

Block Unwanted Installations

If users download a software or program that is related with their kind of work, the installed is done by network administrators using their credentials. However, in a few organizations, users could download and install software freely and that could lead to a disaster. This due to the fact that many employees may not be able to differentiate a safe website from an unsafe one.

It’s better to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your network. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let our team of IT consultants  help you protect your network and business by setting up the most effective cybersecurity measures against cyberthreats.

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