business printerCompanies invest on resources that could help keep their devices and technology secure, however, they tend to overlook one important piece of hardware, the printer. Business printers, just like Wi-Fi networks and computers, could become an entry point for cybercriminals and hackers as well as a gateway to the sensitive information of your business. Here are a few things you need to know about making sure that your printers are safe and secure.

Why are business printers vulnerable to cyberattacks?

When evaluating the threats to network security, firms mainly focus on computers and servers not just because they are the ones that are most susceptible to external threats, but also since they get the bulk of online attacks. Printers are usually at the bottom of the list because they are not the main targets. Aside from that, their functions appear to be internal because they don’t interact with the external systems.

However, it is exactly because of their main functions, primarily scanning and printing, that make printers the perfect target of cybercriminals. Companies run crucial documents like employee information, tax forms, financial statements, and even medical records through printers and cybercriminals would love to have access to these information.

And they can easily do it.

Network printers store past print jobs in the hard drive, in some cases including those that were cancelled. If anybody tries to access the printer, even remotely, they might be able to see these important information by using a specialized tool to hack into a printer.

Files may also be hacked during wireless transmission since modern printers could now be linked to the internet. Hackers can exploit the open network ports of your printer to view data and they could also take control of vulnerable printers and send their own data through it.

How To Protect Printers

You should not disregard business printers when you are planning a cybersecurity approach. Always keep your printers secure by adhering to these basic practices:

  • Always monitor your network
  • Install printer software patches and updates right away.
  • Always change the administration login and default password.
  • Only allow devices that are owned by the company to connect to your printer.
  • You should only use secure connections when linking to the printer.
  • Don’t access your printer through a public internet connection.
  • Use a firewall to restrict access to your printer.
  • Prevent unauthorized access by requiring users to key in a PIN before they could print documents especially if you have a wireless printer.
  • Don’t connect your printer to just any network especially if you are handling classified data. You should connect it directly to your computer by using data cables. You can also print using a thumb drive.
  • Enable manual feeds so you can secure your printouts. With this setting, a user needs to input paper manually so there are less risks of dealing with stolen documents or leaving these important documents in the printing area.

Partnering with an IT company is also a good way to secure your business printers. IT experts do not just deal with your printed related problems but also other computer security concerns.

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