cybersecurityConsumers and businesses face a serious threat called cyberattacks. It has now become a national security concern given the nationwide effect of large scale attacks.

A report from Kaspersky Lab revealed that over 100 banks across the globe has incurred as much as $1 billion losses from a cyberattack that took place back in 2013. Financial institutions from counties like Ukraine, Germany, China, United States, and Russia were affected. The malware that was used in this elaborate attack, got into and extracted information and exploited the weaknesses in the Microsoft Office files that were sent via email.

Another research revealed that a data breach can cost as much as $3.62 million, which makes it one of the costliest threats that businesses can face. It is believed that the damages caused by cybercrime will cost as much as $6 trillion per year by 2021.

Cybersecurity Tips For Businesses

Be Aware

You should be the first person to know about the kinds of cybersecurity threats that your business might face. One common source of weak systems is having a false sense of security. It is important to know the common threats and how you can protect your business.

Network Security Is Crucial

Your first line of defense against cyberattacks is the firewall. Your business is connected to the internet through different apps like media streaming, VoIP, and email. Your firewall must be able to monitor the threats that are coming from various connections. Additionally, you should consider creating a private network so you will have more control over your security.

Invest In Security

Installing an anti-virus software isn’t enough. The assets of your business needs to be protected by several layers of security. Anti-malware, anti-virus, as well as anti-ransomware suites are only a few of the tools that your small business should have. These applications could also assess the weakness of your security system.

Update Everything

You have to schedule regular updates. Malware can evolve rapidly and your security applications require updates and patches regularly

Encrypt Your Data

If hackers breach your computer security, the encryption is your next level of protection. Encryption works by encoding your data, which makes it useless to attacks conducted by third party groups. Most software firms provide encryption apps that are suitable for your needs.

Protect Your Hardware

Don’t forget that your hardware is also not safe. Stolen thumb drives, laptops, and hard drives with company information could very well be what cybercriminals want. Strong security in the premises of your businesses is important. You should not only protect your data but your physical assets, too, which means you need computer security.

Create A Security Policy

The greatest security threats are people. A single employee who clicks on a suspicious link accidentally can cost your business. Make sure that you integrate policies in the operations of your company. You should educate your staff about the various online threats and how they can prevent them.

Create Strong Passwords

You need to enforce strong passwords. All the things that are accessed in the company, from back accounts to emails, must be protected by strong passwords. A strong password must be at least 12 characters long. Concentrate on the sentences that you can easily remember or nice to think about.

Setup An Emergency Response Plan

Despite all the protection you have, you should still expect the worst to happen. You should create company guidelines that will allow you to detect probably attacks, what needs to be done during an attack, and what to do after an attack.

Backup Your Files

Backups can help save you the inconvenience of beginning from scratch. If ever a cyberattack happens, your next priority is to make sure that your business operations return to normal as soon as possible. Update your backups regularly as this will help you make sure that things run smoothly and suffer minor losses only.

Small and medium sized businesses, as well as large corporations, are common targets of cyberattacks. Be better prepared to face and deal with online threats. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now.

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