cybersecurityThe decade is almost over as the year 2020 draws near, it’s time for the annual prediction that will most likely affect the cybersecurity landscape next year. Below, the bad participants and threats that may impact the cyber arena over the next 12 months will be discussed.

More Targeted Ransomware Attacks

In the year 2020, there will be a substantial rise in targeted ransomware attacks. Threat participants behind such ransomware campaigns would switch methods, using access to certain organizations readily for sale within the deep cybercrime underground (the Dark Web).

These targeted ransomware attacks need a more concise intelligence gathering activities on their victims. However, they could let criminals get a lot more cash and create maximum disruption to all the victims. These new methods will let threat participants to customize attacks to firms as well as large enterprise in nearly every industry.

The strategy involving targeted ransomware attacks will lead to more ransomware demands. Municipalities as well as school districts and hospitals continue to be the targets of cyber criminals since they have restricted resources as well as poor cybersecurity.

Nation State Attacks Will Continue To Be Unattributed

Geopolitical tensions would cause a substantial rise of cyber espionage as well as disruptive cyber attacks. Insufficient global framework of standards in cyberspace, as well as the absence of punishments for nation state players that have gone rogue , will  continue to encourage hacking that are state sponsored.

It may be hard to believe, but there are people who have a license to hack and they are referred to as a Nation State Actor. There are folks that work for a government authority with the goal to target organizations, other governments (think 2016 election) or even individuals with the intent to gain access or intelligence.

IoT Devices Will Still Be Attacked

The massive increase in the IoT devices (nonstandard computing devices that connect wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit data) as well as roll out of the 5G networks, would substantially increase the number of cyber attacks against these smart devices on a much bigger scale. These systems will still be hacked easily even if device vendors roll out new security features in their units because many of these manufacturers execute security by design.

Security Experts Continue To Deal With AI-based Attacks

Threat actors including nation state hackers would continue to benefit from artificial intelligence and use it to gather information about their victims and use these hacking methods for the immediate response of the firms under cyber attack.

data breachData Breaches and Compromised Credentials

In 2019, over 1,200 breaches were reported. Because of these breaches, millions of instances of sensitive data has been made available to the dark web. The availability of this data would be the main cause for most of the data breaches that will be disclosed next year. Many companies are unaware their information can be found on the dark web. SpartanTec, Inc’s free dark web scan will check to see if you are listed. This type of credential surfing attacks will be on the rise in 2020.

ICS/SCADA Systems Remain Vulnerable

In the coming year, there will be continued attacks on the ICS/SCADA of important infrastructures. Most of the time, these systems have not been designed to be remotely controlled or exposed over the internet. Because of this, it would be very simple for attackers to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Supply Chain Attacks Will Increase

Hardware and software supply chain attacks would take the spotlight in the threat landscape over the upcoming 12 months. Attackers would try to compromise such supply chain of legal software packages by implanting some malware. The attacks will target software vendors as well as third party suppliers. Attackers will try to replace legal software and their related updates with questionable versions to spread malware through the distribution channel of the legitimate software.

Cybercrime as a Service

The CAAS or crime as a service model would continue to fuel the growth of the ecosystem of the cybercrime. This model will usher the emergence of brand new criminal firms and boost the operations of the ones that already exist.

Disinformation/Fake Data

Fake data, causing disinformation, as well as its dissemination would become a crucial tool within the cyber arsenal of various nation states. It has happened already. It disrupted the public opinion as well as voting and it even led to misunderstanding as well as confusion.

Artificial intelligence will be the battle cry for firms to fight back. However, it is also the tech hiding behind the fake information. It will be the catalyst for creating targeted as well as individualized fake information to influence people in almost every aspect of their lives.

Privacy and Security Imbalance

The balance is gearing towards privacy instead of security. Cyber defense will become extremely harder and much more expensive due to the pervasive rise in privacy measures and dark data. Individuals could easily hide. It is triggered by the massive data breaches as well as a growing sense of the big brother.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing would be an import part of the organizations’ security policies when trading valuable information and secrets. Quantum encryption as well as quantum key generation as well as distribution will begin to be applied. We will most likely deal with a situation of “better to be safe than sorry” as the first nations create quantum computers with sufficient qubits to crack the encrypted communications of the planet.

Although these predictions could be sobering, there are a few practical things firms could do to be ready. A check on these attack surfaces, like partners and suppliers, and all IoT devices connected to your network is a wonderful place to start. These should be followed by skills analysis. Your IT security team should be all set to think through the complicated challenges and create methods and strategies to build strong defenses. These are possible with today’s technology. However, you need to invest in the accurate ones.

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