virtualizationYou may have heard about virtualization before. They may be referring to enterprises as well as data centers and they commonly mean server virtualization. However, desktops could be virtualized as well, which could be beneficial to small and medium sized companies.

First of all, let us get to know virtualization. When you run several virtual machines on one physical machine, which is a process that is referred to as virtualization. The virtual machines will share the single computer’s resources. All of the virtual machines that are running will have its very own environment.

Big companies, like those that have dozens or sometimes hundreds of servers utilize server virtualization to merge the different machines they are running while they continue to operate more efficiently. Some smaller companies possess the number of servers required that can make server virtualization a cost cutting solution on their balance sheet.

Meanwhile, virtualization can help small companies by allowing them to keep less equipment, make better use of them, and have a more reliable recovery and back up. H

Here’s how virtualization helps:

Several operating systems on a single server – vitualizing the server allows you to operate different OSes like Linus or Windows, in various virtual servers on one physical server. For instance, if you are a small gaming firm, your programmers could create a game in two different environments say Java and Windows.

When you have configured one virtual server, you could use that exact configuration to create other virtual servers, which will take only a couple of minutes. Compare that to the several hours you need to configure a brand new physical server, and you will discover that virtualization could be very efficient.

Technologies for server virtualization are gaining ground quickly among firms of different sizes. As a matter of fact, medium sized companies are showing more interest in server virtualization this year.

Disaster Recovery – You could get snapshots regularly or as often as you would like – of your server. You could then use any of those snapshots to bring back your server to a certain configuration from a certain period in time. You know, just like whenever a virus infects your network.

Save Time and Money – desktop virtualization is an excellent method for smaller firms to use virtualization to cut costs. Virtual desktops offer more benefit from smaller and medium sized firms compared to technologies that are server based. It is recommended to set up VDIs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, which uses desktop virtualization as well as thin client workstations rather than desktop PCs. They will spend less on thin client workstations, which can be used for several years.

Maximum usage, minimal installment – You just have to work with your network’s server if you have a VDI. If you would like to install a brand new program, you only need to set it up once on your server. All of the users could get access to the application using their thin clients. This is going to be a huge money and time saver compared to the installation of the new software in all of your PCs.

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