computer securityPeople tend to think that computer security is complicated and too technical. But if they look at it closely, the most important things about it are actually pretty simple. So can you protect yourself? Read on.

Computer Security Tips You Need To Know

Enable Automatic Updates

All the software you use today face different kinds of security issues, which are constantly being detected, whether it be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Microsoft Office, and more. Today, several operating systems as well as programs have automatic updates to fill the gap of these security holes. You no longer have to click anything or download a file just so you can update a software. It will automatically update itself in the background without requiring anything from you. However, there are some who turn off these feature for some reason. Perhaps you don’t like the fact that Windows will automatically restart after an update is installed or you just don’t want any of it. But if you look at it from a security perspective, you must make sure that the automatic updates are turned on.

Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Every couple of years, there are anti-virus software that claim they are the best. However, there are some who claim to be experts, say that anti-virus is no longer relevant and no longer required. To be clear, you need an anti-virus software even if you consider yourself as a cautious computer user. Although there is nothing wrong with Windows Defender, you can use other similar software. But if you are looking for something that is free yet effective, then Windows Defender is your top choice.

Use Better Passwords and Automate Them

Passwords are important and everyone knows that. But many people disregard them nonetheless. Don’t use the same passwords for everything. Hackers are everywhere and if you use the same passwords, you are giving someone access to all of your personal accounts. Apart from using different passwords, you also need to use long ones. Use a password manager such as LastPass.

Never Leave Your Computer or Phone Unattended

This basic warning seem pretty obvious but it still deserves to be mentioned anyway. Don’t leave your phone or computer unattended especially when you are in public places. If you do, there is a high risk of your gadget being stolen. When it does, the person who stole it will have access to your personal information.

Know What Links To Click In Emails

You may have heard about this all the time, never open emails from unknown sources. Malicious links may come from emails that seem legitimate but are, in truth, fake. This is referred to as phishing. If you want to be truly secure, don’t click on links in emails especially those that link to sensitive locations such as the website of your bank. Check the link closely before you click it, even if they came from your friends.

Be Careful With Programs You Download And Run

When it comes to computer security Myrtle Beach, be very cautious about the programs that you run or download. Use only those that are trustworthy and widely known or those that are recommended by reputable websites.

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