managed IT servicesOver the last few years, the number of social security related scams rose significantly. The figures have grown at an alarming rate, prompting government agencies to take action. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission made an announcement about the scams, warning the public about such schemes. The rise of scam cases and the nature of how they are deployed highlights the need for managed IT services in companies.

Rising scam cases pose a threat to information security

In 2017, only 3,200 cases were reported to the Social Security Administration regarding voice phishing, which cost victims a total of $210,000. However, in 2018, the numbers skyrocketed, reaching 63,00 cases with more than $16.6 million in total losses. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the reported figures are not accurate. There are those people who do not report the incidents which could amount to a higher total loss.
These social security scams come in a wide variety but usually follow a pattern. The scammers phone in potential victims posing as SSA officers. They then tell the potential victim that their account has some issues and that it could lead to even bigger problems in the future. With the person on the other line fearful of being locked out of their account, they then give out important details that the scammers could use.
Although it may sound too simple to even work, it does – and most of the time the scammers succeed. Needless to say, the victims are in for a world of problems after they’ve been tricked into providing their precious information.
The hackers could then do whatever they want with the information they have. This could often lead to identity theft, with the hackers draining the money off of their victims’ bank accounts. On the other hand, all of this can be averted with vigilance and being updated with the latest schemes and how they work. With managed IT services Myrtle Beach, businesses alike could protect themselves and their data from prying eyes and from hackers around the world.

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