managed IT servicesIf you’re not familiar with what ransomware is, you should – especially if you have a business that you look after. In early 2018, a particular ransomware strain called GrandCrab was detected. It’s one ransomware that highlights the importance of managed IT services in a company. For lack of a better word, the findings of GrandCrab tactics were disturbing.

A ransomware basically locks down a computer system until a payment is made. It’s like a digital hostage crisis. The only difference is that it’s harder to track down who’s behind the attacks. The hackers behind such malicious attacks used to target both small and large companies. However, lately there has been more emphasis on bigger companies for a bigger payout.

In February 2019, GrandCrab 5.2 was released. The creators of the ransomware are running their software under an affiliate scheme were they partner up with other hackers. The developers of the software are also pushing ads across the Dark Web that are designed to gain the interest of other hackers. With this alarming data in hand, companies need to have managed IT services Myrtle Beach in order to protect their business. Although GrandCrab creators are starting to ignore smaller targets for more lucrative hits, smaller businesses shouldn’t let their guard down.

Once the hackers gain access to a particular corporate network they then try to infect as many computers in one fell swoop. They don’t attack immediately upon breaching the networks defenses. First they try to make the most of the breach by hooking up the ransomware into as many machines, plaguing file encryptions across the network. The attacks, if successful, ultimately cripples the network rendering the company unable to operate at all. This is why computer security is highly important from smaller to major companies. It always pays off to have overall protection from such attacks.

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