managed IT servicesIf you currently find the read and write speeds of past and current USB generations a tad too slow for your needs, you’re in for a surprise. USB 3.2 is currently in the works. However, everything won’t be as streamlined yet as one would hope. The catch is that the naming convention of USB 3.2 isn’t quite there yet in terms of ubiquity. On the other hand, it’s still a huge win for consumers and businesses that offer managed IT services. The speeds that USB 3.2 offers will greatly surpass the current generation and bring speedier data transfer.

There are three variations of USB 3.2 and each one has its own set of transfer speeds. Gen 1 or the first generation of USB 3.2 will be names SuperSpeed USB and has a rated transfer speed of 5Gbps. Gen 2 will be called SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps and with a 10-Gigabit transfer rate as the name suggests. Finally, we have USB 3.2 Gen 3 which is set to be named SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps or “2x2” because it utilizes two express lanes of 10Gbps each.

During the most recent Mobile World Congress, it was revealed that the new USB standard would only make use of USB Type-C, which a no-brainer is considering the huge potential tied to it. Although USB Type-C had some issues that lingered for years, it’s all in the past now as the technology progressed. It will greatly impact managed IT services Myrtle Beach in terms of storing and accessing information, defining a newer standard for USB devices.

However, USB 3.2 SuperSpeed Gen 2x2 is still a long way from being mainstream tech. USB-IF encourages device manufacturers to embrace the naming convention so to avoid confusion. IT support will be done faster, particularly for storage requirements on the go. The latest iteration of USB devices could hit shelves later this year, but do expect to extend your budget as they may not come as cheap as older USB 3.1 devices.

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