IT management MBYour IT staff will likely be in for another rough week as news of a new malware will make detection more troublesome. Antivirus company Avast found a new malware that is lurking around through messaging apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and the likes. This new discovery will likely be stressful for IT management in companies which handle their business through such messaging apps.

According to Avast, the malware called Rietspoof isn’t entirely new. It was first discovered late last year but didn’t gain enough attention as it was rarely seen in use. However, the multi-stage malware has been seen quite a number of times recently and the number of instances is gradually increasing.

As with any other malware, Rietspoof is used to infiltrate as many targets as possible. Once within the system, the malware can basically take control of the entire system if hackers behind the malware would like to do so. This highlights the needs for superb IT management Myrtle Beach among companies to prevent damage and data loss.

What Rietspoof does is it placing an LNK file, or a shortcut as most of us know it, into the Windows Startup folder. Now, what this does is gain access to the computer system if it is successful. The Startup folder in itself is a critical area for the Windows platform. That’s why most antivirus software tend to do constant monitoring in this particular area. However, Rietspoof has somehow managed to bypass security through the use of legitimate certificates.

The research team that had spotted Rietspoof said that the malware had gone through a series of changes, which led them to believe that it is constantly being developed. With this is mind, it is essential for companies to make sure that their information security measures are up to date with all the latest virus and malware definitions.


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