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Point of sale terminal developer North Country Business Products was recently the target of another data breach. The latest round of attacks hit the company hard. The latest data breach not only affected the company but its customers as well. The hackers were able to install malware into NCBP’s POS terminals through their network, which ultimately puts the information security of its customers at risk. This highlights the great need for reliable IT management among companies.

The POS terminals were shipped all around the country, according to NCBP. Around 139 business location were affected, receiving the compromised POS terminals. Any payments made through these terminals will be intercepted by the hackers. Overall, the business locations affected by the hacking incident only accounted for 2% of the 6500 locations where NCBP POS systems had been installed. Although it’s just a fraction of the total business locations, affected users are still at risk having their information security breached.

However, the effort of the company in terms of handling the situation is commendable. NCBP’s IT management Myrtle Beach did a really good job at easing the impacts of the issue. The breach was recorded happening at the 3rd of January this year. The company had discovered the breach later in the same month but said that the hackers were stopped on the 24th after authorities were looking for company officers.

The company had been fully compliant with the requests of law enforcement officers. NCBP also enlisted the help of third party investigators to speed up the process of uncovering the identity of the hackers. They also went ahead and published the list of affected POS terminals on their website.

At the moment, the investigation is still being done to determine the identity of the hackers as well as the overall impact of the data breach. Their IT support has been quick to address the situation. The company has also contacted the affected businesses regarding the incident to prevent any further vulnerabilities.

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