business continuity planningGoogle never kept it a secret that it plans to discontinue their social media experiment, Google+. If you are not updated about the company’s announcement about this particular service, then you need to know that Google+ will no longer be available on April 2, 2019. Now that the deadline is drawing near, the company has released more details about how the shutdown will take place.

Just so you know, shutting down Google+ is more than just switching off access as well as freezing posts or preserving them for eternity. It will involve the deletion of everything related to Google Plus all throughout the internet. This means all your posts, even your comments to the posts of other people, as well as your Google+ comments on blogging sites like Blogger will all be deleted. If there are certain materials that you want to preserve, then you should begin archiving or find a way to backup your files. You still have time but you have to hurry. Depending on the volume of data you wish to save, you have move as fast as you can.

Google Plus is not as popular as Facebook and other mainstream social media sites. Its release was more of a panic reaction to Facebook’s meteoric rise in popularity, with the added fear that Facebook may kill search in case everybody just asked their friends for recommendations.

Nothing like that took place however, it was of great concern when the company rolled out the service and it was what forced them to include Google+ in all aspects of their product ecosystem, even if there were instances when it was no longer sensible.

Given that Google+ has been integrated deeply, shutting the service down will not be easy nor quick. But that won’t stop the company from terminating it. Please note that consumers will only be the ones affected by the showdown. Enterprise users that use Google+ will still have access to it using G Suite.

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