IT servicesThe first update for browsers for the year 2019 has been rolled out. With that, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome have received a variety of security fixes that will make users of Windows, Linux, and Mac feel more secure and safer.

The most recent build of Chrome deals with almost 60 CVE-level problems, out of which, 17 have been given a “high” severity level, and one as “critical” level.

Apart from just boosting the security, however, this recent Chrome build is offering a brand new experimental feature.

Users have to enable the said feature if they want to test it out but Google is currently experimenting with a new feature that will provide users with a visual warning in case a URL is mistyped. Hackers are fond of purchasing popular misspellings of common URLs , creating replicas of legitimate websites that are loaded with malware. Therefore, the brand new feature is considered as a good thing.

This experimental feature is bound to become one of Google Chrome’s permanent feature but for now, it is still opt-in. In case you allow it to run and you type a web address incorrectly, you will receive a dropdown box that shows different possibilities that you might have meant instead, which will allow you to fix it right away.

When it comes to Mozilla, the most recent Firefox build fixes seven CVEs. Out of 7, three were given a “critical” level and two were listed as “high.”

Although software security is important, the latest updates for two of the most popular internet browsers patches some of the most critical issues. Although you will be waiting for some time to install, you should prioritize these especially if you use Chrome, Firefox, or both in your company. Testing out the new redirect feature is well worth it. The feature will surely blow you away.

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