IT support specialistYour managed IT specialist, Spartan Tec, wants to inform you about the latest Google announcement involving the release of three new features for Gmail users. The release is effective immediately and that means you might be able to use these features by the time you read this post. Here are some of the details you need to know.

Among the initial things you will notice when you are composing is the strikethrough button. It is located at the menu’s right hand side.

In a released statement, Google said a few things about the new additions, "Strikethrough, which is a visual cue used to indicate that something was finished or could be utilized as an edit suggestion.  We have heard from you that this functionality is important to efficiently and quickly write emails, especially when you would like to visually show a change in language.”

On the topic of edits, Google is also adding another feature which is the "Undo/Redo" button. It will allow Gmail users to compose an email in an interface that looks like the traditional word processor. The Undo/Redo button is very helpful in cases when you have to copy a block of text but accidentally deleted it.

Lastly, Google is letting its users download their emails in the form of EML files for offline or remote viewing. EML files work with most major email clients, which means they can be sent in batches to yourself or other authorized recipients. You can proceed with the download by clicking on the three dot menu and choosing the "Download Message" located at the bottom of the menu.

Once again, when you read this post, these new features may already be available for all GSuite and Gmail users. Don’t forget to check them out and see if you find them useful.

So far, the three changes have received positive feedback, especially the Strikethrough feature which has been in the wishlist of many Gmail users. It is good to know that Google is actively listening to the requests and suggestions of their users and making positive changes whenever they can.

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