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If you are among the shocking number of people who are still using Windows 7, then there’s some bad news for you. Microsoft is offering only one year of full support for Window 7 users. They will no longer offer important security updates by January 14, 2020.
The support will end only for individual users. Businesses that use Window 7 will continue to receive support beyond the said date.
But, they need to register to the Windows 7 Extended Security Update program once the date listed above has passed. They also need to pay a fee, which increases annually.
Discounts will be offered to enterprise users that have volume licensing agreements. However, support will still be discontinued completely by January 2023. Microsoft will likewise provide ESU’s for free to clients who buy the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop service, letting users virtualize Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Additionally, Microsoft will also cease offering support for Office 365 ProPlus plugin for Windows 7. The company will also end offering support to several other products.
The news is no longer surprising since the tech giant has made public its support timeline long before this announcement. However, there are still a number of companies that are using legacy applications, which depend a lot on Windows 7 and most of them have not yet established any migration plans. If your company is among these firms, you still have time to make the necessary plans. But keep in mind that you have a limited time to do so. Disregarding this will cost you in the end and will have a huge impact on your bottom line.
Microsoft has drawn a hard line at this point, and it’s highly unlikely for the company to give in to the pleas of consumers for a longer extension. So, you better start planning to switch or upgrade now.

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