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Cyrptominers are one of the most prevalent malware types today, according to the recent study conducted by Check Point, a digital security firm. Although hackers deploy several variations, the cryptojacker “Coinhive” are extremely common this year. When installed on the computer, it operates in the background by siphoning off your computer power whenever it is turned on to mine Monero and then the gains are sent to the hackers.

Jsecoin is second on the list of top malware. It is miner that is based on JavaScript and it can be embedded into different websites and operates in the browser of their victims. Another popular malware is Cryptoloot, which works much like its competitor Coinhive.

The top ten list is dominated by cryptojacking software, they are not the only kinds of malware on it, and there are two venerable contenders in the list features this year. Ramnit and Emote are banking Trojans that have been around for a long period of time.

Although all these are bad, there is one relative newcomer called Smoke Loader that is attracting the attention of several security professionals. On its own, Smoke Loader is not that dangerous. However, that is not its primary goal. Smoke loader is a gateway malware with an express purpose of infiltrating a system and then downloading another malware.

The specifics are open-ended. In case a hacker that uses Smoke Loader to get into a system would like follow that infiltration with a cryptojacker, it can do that. In case it wants to start a ransomeware attack, that can be done as well. The option

The specifics are open-ended.  If a hacker who is using Smoke Loader to access a system wants to launch another attack using a cryptojacker, that can be done as well.  If he'd prefer to start a ransomware attack, that can be done too. The sky is basically the limit. Regardless, it is important to know the Check Point top ten list especially if you want to make sure that your IT staff is updated on the latest threats.

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