computer securityThere is a brand new type of ransomware that is being used frequently these days. This new strain is way more dangerous than the ones reported in recent months.

Compared to other kinds of ransomware, the new strain does not just encrypt your files and demand that you pay up to regain access to your files, it also tries to steal personal information like your credit card details through a PayPal phishing page that is included in its code.

The majority of the types of ransomware that were reported in the past locked up the files and asks for payment through BitCoin. The new strain gives you an option to pay the fee through PayPal and offers a “helpful” link to assist you in making the payment.

The problem is that the “helpful” link will not direct you to PayPal but instead to a phishing site that is controlled by the hackers. The site will attempt to force you to key in your credit card details as well as your PayPal credentials. Most victims would also be in a hurry to have their files unlocked that they tend to forget to look. Even though the site looks similar to the Paypal payment screen, one could easily notice that the domain is different from PayPal.

Once you give all of the needed details, the payment will not go through. The victim will be informed that their PayPal account was locked. Even if that happens, the hackers already obtained your financial information and can do whatever they want with your credit card details. They can max it out or even drain your bank account. It all depends what card information was given.

This is by far the most sophisticated attack that is ransonware-based. Considering the success that the new strain is getting, there will surely be an increase in the number of hackers who will use similar strategies as the threat matrix continue to change, shift, and evolve.

Unfortunately for IT security personnel, they would have to double their efforts. Be sure to always stay on your guard.

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