Organizations today are increasingly moving towards managed cybersecurity services as an alternative to on-premise and in-house implementations. Working with a managed security services provider can help organizations benefit from best-in-class technologies at a reduced cost and with less overhead.

This offers substantial value to organizations in the SMB sector that don’t have the IT infrastructure or budget to create a modern, comprehensive cybersecurity solution. A cybersecurity managed services provider (MSP) can bridge this gap by delivering services such as network monitoring, patches and updates and responding to service requests—freeing on-premise IT to focus on value-added tasks and innovation.

Three top advantages an MSP can provide include:

  1. Specialized, skilled technicians. To SMBs that rely on a few generalists to keep networks and systems functioning, a cybersecurity MSP provides immediate access to a complete security team with no ramp up time.

  2. 24/7 support and monitoring. Unlike most SMBs, cybersecurity MSPs have the infrastructure and personnel in place to sustain 24/7 IT support and monitoring. This is critical when you consider that many data breaches and security issues occur during off hours. A cybersecurity MSP will notice any suspicious activity and react accordingly.

  3. Best-in-class technology. A managed security service can be instantly deployed without any additional investments in equipment or infrastructure. Cybersecurity MSPs have best-in-class technologies supported by cloud resources. More often than not, what SMBs can afford is no match for what an MSP can deliver.

Factors to Consider When Working With Cybersecurity MSPs

When considering switching to a cybersecurity MSP, there are several factors SMBs need to be aware of to minimize risk. One is the on-premise placement of third-party equipment that can add to the vulnerability of a network.

Typically, an SMB connects directly to an MSP through the Internet, but the placement of some necessary on-premise equipment can sometimes interfere or interrupt the connection. Organizations are advised to work with MSPs that have measures in place to prevent and mitigate these risks.

The very nature of entrusting a 3rd party with valuable customer data, intellectual property and other competitive information is risky in itself. Organizations need to carefully vet MSPs and make sure their claims of reliability and integrity stand up. Reviews, word-of-mouth, and testimonials can all be used to find an MSP that can be trusted with the protection of your data, brand and business.

In most cases, the advantages of working with a reliable MSP with a proven reputation for integrity and success far outweigh the potential risks. A trusted, experienced MSP can identify issues relating to infrastructure, third-party systems or on-premise technologies that can turn into problems, and cost-effectively deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to address them.

SpartanTec, Inc. works with best-in-class technologies to provide comprehensive and trustworthy protection for organizations’ specialized network security challenges.